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n.1.One who, or that which, anneals.
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The two companies seek to create more finely tuned services for Recruit Communications by using Digital Annealer, a proprietary computing architecture developed by Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
Tenders are invited for Fine Wire Drawing Machine Without Inbuilt Annealer
The electronic components were a thermal annealer, a signal generator, electronic testers, an oscilloscope, two UHF noise sources, memory chips, integrated circuits, diodes and two circuit boards.
There was only ever a hope that a quantum annealer would be better," co-author Matthias Troyer, told the Verge.
D-Wave's quantum annealer is best understood as a device that's potentially faster than any classical computer at solving a specific set of problems.
Neven doesn't think D-Wave can get a version of its quantum annealer ready to serve Google's engineers quickly enough, so he hired Martinis to do it.
has developed a new version of MILA-5000 series, 'Mini Lamp Annealer MILA-5050', which enables heat treatment up to 50mm square size.
An annealer of iron, he must have worked in blistering, grimy and perhaps dangerous conditions, toughening metal by heating it up and then allowing it to cool slowly.
Offers performance improving components for blown film extrusion lines of all makes: automatic gauge controls, manual gauge control air rings, digital IBC systems, oscillating hauloffs, continuous gravimetric blenders, film flattening annealer, special mono- and multilayer dies, bubble cages and others.