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v. an·nealed, an·neal·ing, an·neals
1. To subject (glass or metal) to a process of heating and slow cooling in order to toughen and reduce brittleness.
2. To strengthen or harden.
To become strengthened or hardened: "the time she needed for opinion to anneal around her policy" (Alexander M. Haig, Jr.).

[Middle English anelen, from Old English onǣlan, to set fire to : on, on; see on + ǣlan, to kindle.]
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Noun1.annealing - hardening something by heat treatmentannealing - hardening something by heat treatment
hardening - the act of making something harder (firmer or tighter or more compact)


[əˈniːlɪŋ] n (of glass, metal) → ricottura
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Corning Lotus Glass has a high annealing point that delivers the thermal and dimensional stability our customers require to produce high-performance displays," said Andrew Filson, worldwide Commercial Director, Display Technologies, and Vice President, Corning Holding Japan GK.
The annealing point is 1140 C; strain point is 1070 C; fusion point is between 1700 and 1800 C.
The annealing point is 1,140[degrees]C; strain point is 1,070[degrees]C; fusion point is between 1,700[degrees]C and 1,800[degrees]C.