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n.1.(Theol.) One who believes that eternal punishment consists in annihilation or extinction of being; a destructionist.
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The virulent acts on the ground gave the extremists the practical hope that the masses were in support of their annihilationist agenda.
Rather, contemporary science is uncompromisingly annihilationist (as understood here), and by implication, so is the account of samvega presented in this article.
7) In a chilling description of Hutu failed leadership, he argues, "From 1990 to 1993 on a sporadic and clearly preparatory scale with Hutu perpetrating at least seventeen trial massacres, and then in 1994, when the opportunity finally seemed propitious, [the genocide occurred] in the intended final comprehensive annihilationist scale.
Maritain's solution is also a better alternative than the annihilationist view.
In their book "ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror," Hassan Hassan and Michael Weiss write that ISIS leader Abu Bakir al-Baghdadi has so far demonstrated annihilationist intentions towards the Shia.
This tendency was expressed in a plethora of anti-Zionist movies and literature that highlighted the alleged collaboration between Zionists and Nazis (1) and either denied the Holocaust altogether or, once again, minimized the Nazi annihilationist policy toward the Jews by stressing the "Fascist atrocities" toward the "peaceful Soviet civilians" for example in Elem Klimov's film Idi i Smotri (1985).
The Rajapaksas are taking the same annihilationist path.
18) He railed against Modernity, or Western Modernity, seeing it as erroneous and vindicating its destructive and annihilationist character by looking at its greatest catastrophe: the Second World War.
14) As it turns out, Lancaster, whose background was Seventh-day Adventist, was an annihilationist who rejected the doctrine of the Trinity.
It's also the increasingly menacing annihilationist threats emanating from Iran's leaders.
In modernity, both identity cruelty, which finds full voice in the form of the annihilationist or holocaustal imagination by mobilising a complete series of anthropological images and value horizons, and banal cruelty can be generalised and travel to other social sites and countries as a social imaginaries in their own right.
The annihilationist strain in Palestinian ideology, present since 1948, has not disappeared.