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This chapter's utility lies in Barwick and Weegman's ability to draw from Bion's concepts around the basic assumptions to elaborate on the sometimes toxic and annihilatory anxieties that may embody group analysis and the group-as-a-whole.
From the special standpoint of Israel, soon about to face a potentially annihilatory Iran armed with nuclear weapons, a suitably hard-target resort to anticipatory self-defense could be both lawful and law-enforcing.
Some evidently fear that Jewish people are about to re-live the nightmare of the systematic, annihilatory anti-Semitism of Hitler's Germany.
A second dynamic tipping the balance toward exterminatory violence was that access to world markets and a concomitant desire among colonists to accumulate wealth encouraged both intensive exploitation of natural resources for short term gain as well as a resort to annihilatory practices to eliminate obstacles or threats to the colonial project be they vegetation, animals or indigenous peoples.
The annihilatory effects of using nuclear weapons should be openly and publicly discussed instead of ignored.
Thus, our response (warning of annihilatory retaliation) is in itself a deterrent." Jaafari said that his personal opinion was that, in case of attack, Iran would leave the NPT which is meant to prevent states developing nuclear weapons while permitting atomic energy generation.
--Universe (U) (Universum, Kosmos): the noumenal-phenomenal four-fold Universe, i.e., the surjective, reflexive (multi-dimensionally reflective-transformational), projective, annihilatory universal foliation, ultimately without "inside" nor "outside".
The result was annihilatory warfare, genocide, forced migrations, and coercive assimilation policies--all aiming at the general extinguishment of indigenous identity.
In Carthaginians the presence of guns is indicated throughout and kept off-stage, but the play includes plastic guns for the mock gunfight in the play-within-a-play (The Burning Balaclava, which assists in the release of parodic annihilatory energy).
Within this annihilatory logic the power of the Christian realm and the demonic One World government are ultimately similar--both in their different ways, want to destroy the current form of government and create a new social order.
In the age range of 8 to 13 months (Piaget's stage IV) and 13 to 18 months (Piaget's stage V), there is recognition memory rage, or, when exposed to the mother or father for tantalizingly brief intervals, it escalates into an ever towering annihilatory rage.
Even Mead, who gives a sympathetic portrait of the Jacksonian nationalist tradition in his splendid new book, also worries about the tendency of its adherents to be carried away by furious emotion, and to switch from contemptuous indifference to the outside world to a spirit of annihilatory ruthlessness if they feel that America has been attacked.