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Deng Xiaping Annuary 1975-1997 [Deng Xiaoping nianpu].
1) All the relevant information has been taken from the Italian AAMS' annuary (website www.
National Statistic Institute (2007) Statistics Annuary of Romania, Bucharest
The diary notes in the Annuary record Yatman's formative years at Harrow and University College Oxford, when he was tutored by the soon-to-be-famous Frederic William Faber, who inspired both his love of all things medieval and his exposure to the ideals of the Oxford Society for Promoting the Study of Gothic Architecture, co-founded in Oxford by Faber in 1838.
Yatman's Annuary in 1854, which refers to 'Cox's window at Rowberrow'--stained glass in a church three miles from Winscombe--and to the fact that he 'stayed a week on Cox's yacht in Cherbourg'.
published on the Brazilian Mining Annuary (DNPM, 1982).