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n. pl.1.(Zool.) A class of articulate animals, nearly equivalent to Annelida, including the marine annelids, earthworms, Gephyrea, Gymnotoma, leeches, etc. See Annelida.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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annulata (Parbhani strain) and the Bm86 homologue antigen of H.
Loalidad tipo Vermiliopsis annulata (Schmarda, 1861) Jamaica Pseudovermilia occidentalis Bermuda (McIntosh, 1885) P.
Parasitism in dairy herds is a major problem responsible for huge economic losses to sustainable livestock production.Theileriosis caused by Theileria annulata is a haemoparasitic disease transmitted through the bites of tick, Hyalomma anatolicum anatolicum.
Hematological profiles in purebred cattle naturally infected with Theileria annulata in Saudi Arabia.
& BOOMSMA, J.J., 2009.--Fungus Gardens of the leafcutter ant Atta colombica function as egg nurseries for the snake leptodeira annulata. Insect.
(The single mismatch between the forward primer and the target site of AY074969 [from the coral Siderastrea radians] was probably due to a sequencing error for AY074969, since the base at this position is highly conserved across all other clade B, C, and D sequences from Bermudian, Caribbean, and Pacific hosts.) For clade A, the reverse primer matched all Bermudian clade A sequences perfectly, the probe had a single mismatch with target sequence AY074941 (Bartholomea annulata), and the forward primer had one mismatch and three mismatches with target sequences AY074943 (Cassiopiea xamachana) and AY074941 (B.
microti; the WA1 parasite from the index case of such infection (7,8); and Theileria annulata were retrieved from the GenBank database (Figure 1).
A study on the prevalence of a tick-transmitted pathogen, Theileria annulata and hematological profile of cattle from Southern Punjab (Pakistan).