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Noun1.Anogramma - a genus of ferns belonging to the family PteridaceaeAnogramma - a genus of ferns belonging to the family Pteridaceae
fern genus - genera of ferns and fern allies
family Pteridaceae, Pteridaceae - one of a number of families into which the family Polypodiaceae has been subdivided in some classification systems; Pteridaceae is itself in turn sometimes further subdivided
annual fern, Anogramma leptophylla, Jersey fern - small short-lived fern of Central and South America
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T + Anogramma leptophylla (L.) Link * T + Anogramma leptophylla T + Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.
Presl BP-E HER Anogramma leptophylla (L.) Link BP-E HER Argyrochosma pilifera (R.M.
saxatilis r in 4; Anogramma leptophylla r in 5; Angelica sylvestris subsp.