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A short speculum for examining the anal canal and lower rectum.

[Latin ānus, anus + -scope.]

a′no·scop′ic (-skŏp′ĭk) adj.
a·nos′co·py (ā-nŏs′kə-pē) n.
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Some experts recommend anal cytologic screening or high-resolution anoscopy for HIV-positive men and women, but it's worth noting that strategy hasn't been incorporated into any national practice guidelines.
Rectal infection can result in proctocolitis that can present with mucoid and/or hemorrhagic rectal discharge, anal pain, constipation, fever, and tenesmus, and signs of granulomas and/or ulcerations on anoscopy (1,2).
During anoscopy an anal tissue sample (biopsy *) can be snipped off, and that sample can be used to confirm HSIL.
Subjects with abnormal anal screening cytology are referred for a high-resolution anoscopy (HRA) or colposcopic evaluation of the anus.
Anoscopy, anal manometry, and endoanal sonography were done for all the patients before the operation: They had anal sphincter defects between 30 and 90[degrees] on endoanal sonography, with anal resting pressures <30 cm [H.
The clinical details were noted, which included inspection of perianal region, digital rectal examination and anoscopy.
Non-controlled studies have shown variable results with trichloroacetic acid (Singh, Kuohung, & Palefsky, 2009) and high-resolution anoscopy (HRA) targeted ablation (Cranston, Hirschowitz, Cortina, and Moe, 2008; Goldstone, Hundert, & Huyett, 2007; Nathan, Hickey, Mayuranathan, Vowler, & Singh, 2008; Pineda et al.
Investigators followed these subjects every 6 months for 36 months with polymerase chain reaction testing for HPV DNA, high-resolution anoscopy with anal cytology, and anal biopsy and histology if there were atypia.
The services to be provided by lot are: endoscopy, colonoscopy procedures package, sedate / analgesiar (superficial or deep sedation), rectosigmoidoscopia flexible, rigid rectoscopia, anoscopy, polypectomy, transendosc?
As for the other diagnostic procedures conducted in order to find the causes of gastrointestinal bleeding, the following were performed: x-ray examination of gastroduodenum (five patients) and small intestine (seven patients) with negative results, anoscopy in four patients (revealing noduli haemorrhoidales interni erosivi in three patients and an anal fissure in one patient).
If cytology indicates anal cell abnormalities, then we refer them for high-resolution anoscopy and biopsy of suspicious lesions.