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 (ăn′sĕlm), Saint 1033-1109.
Italian-born English theological philosopher and prelate best known for his ontological argument for the existence of God.


(Biography) Saint. 1033–1109, Italian Benedictine monk; archbishop of Canterbury (1093–1109): one of the founders of scholasticism; author of Cur Deus Homo? (Why did God become Man?). Feast day: Aug 21


(ˈæn sɛlm)

Saint, 1033–1109, archbishop of Canterbury: scholastic theologian and philosopher.
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Noun1.Anselm - an Italian who was a Benedictine monkAnselm - an Italian who was a Benedictine monk; was archbishop of Canterbury from 1093 to 1109; one of the founders of scholasticism; best known for his proof of the existence of God
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there, Anselm I see that seething pitch and oil are ready to pour on the heads of these audacious traitors Look that the cross-bowmen lack not bolts.
Anselm of Canterbury provided the definitive Catholic interpretation of atonement.
Rogers is a scholar well-known in Anselm studies for her advocacy of the relevance of this eleventh-century saint, philosopher, and theologian to current debates on free will.
for Anselm, he will never acquire a last name, being one of those
Synopsis: Anselm Kiefer (born 8 March 1945) is a German painter and sculptor.
His thought comes mostly out of the medieval Christian contemplative tradition, especially Nicolas of Cusa and Anselm, although he also reaches back to Plato and the ancient Greek understanding of theoria, as well as forward to thinkers such as Pierre Hadot, Jean-Luc Marion, William Desmond, and some contemporary philosophers of religion.
Una vez mas el padre Anselm Grun nos gratifica con esta obra que, al inspirarse en los acontecimientos de la Pasion de Cristo, invita a meditar las palabras de Jesus para ponerlas en consonancia con la vida actual.
Eighty-three nursing majors received their nurse's pin at Saint Anselm College's 2014 ceremony on April 26.
Anselm (1033-1109) have been written about so often, and written about so well, that one despairs of saying anything new about them.
For the first time, the letters following the Saint Anselm College president's name include MBA and not OSB (as in Order of St.
Among the topics are Queen Matilda and Anselm's Mary Magdalene, truth as rightness in Anselm and Henry of Ghent, the Middle English versions of his Prayers and Meditations, the reception of his logic in the 20th and 21st centuries, and the cosmontological argument for the existence of God.
Anselm Anyoha, MD is a theorist, a philosopher and a physician.