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Noun1.Saint Anselm - an Italian who was a Benedictine monkSaint Anselm - an Italian who was a Benedictine monk; was archbishop of Canterbury from 1093 to 1109; one of the founders of scholasticism; best known for his proof of the existence of God
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Jesus didn't die to make us worthy, as Anselm of Canterbury said long ago; he died because he knew we are worth dying for.
Anselm of Canterbury provided the definitive Catholic interpretation of atonement.
Michael Curschmann's article, "Integrating Anselm: Pictures and Liturgy in a Twelfth-Century Manuscript of the Orationes sive Meditationes", examines the notation and illustrations for a text by Anselm of Canterbury. Intended as an exemplar for Benedictine communities, Anselm had the text transcribed and illuminated specifically for Matilda of Tuscany.
Anselm of Canterbury crafted the frame many Christians now fit around the old story.
All passages quoted from the Monologion are taken from Simon Harrison's translation of that work, which appears in Anselm of Canterbury: The Major Works, ed.
The theorem belongs originally to Anselm of Canterbury and was taken on by Austrian mathematician Kurt Godel states that God by definition is that for which no greater can be conceived.
From Origen to Martin Luther, via Anselm of Canterbury, the theologies of the cross differ considerably.
In addition, the author has sourced popular culture and texts that are often less commonly cited in Dante scholarship, for example, Cicero, Macrobius and Anselm of Canterbury. The volume's rich illustration of the Dantean otherworld provides a smooth, accessible entry and guided tour of the text, with each physical feature of the geographical layout of the poem explored alongside the characters, allusions and allegorical significance that Dante has mapped out for the reader to discover.
Anselm of Canterbury. "Why God Became Man" The Major Works.
Archbishop Anselm of Canterbury was twice exiled from England.
Anselm of Canterbury, the 12th century Benedictine monk who developed an ontological argument for the existence of God, is often associated with the expression 'faith seeking understanding'.