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Noun1.Anser - typical geeseAnser - typical geese        
bird genus - a genus of birds
Anatidae, family Anatidae - swimming birds having heavy short-legged bodies and bills with a horny tip: swans; geese; ducks
Anser cygnoides, Chinese goose - very large wild goose of northeast Asia; interbreeds freely with the greylag
Anser anser, graylag, graylag goose, greylag, greylag goose - common grey wild goose of Europe; ancestor of many domestic breeds
Chen, subgenus Chen - wild goose having white adult plumage
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The AAG completed his arguments on the petition filed by a citizen Farrukh Nawaz Bhatti through his counsel Hasnain Ibrahim Kazmi challenging the appointment of Sheikh Anser Aziz as acting CDA chairman.
On this occasion, Mayor of Islamabad and Chairman CDA Sheikh Anser Aziz was apprised that during the period from April 2011 to August 2017, 585 Occupancies of Southern Region and 676 Occupancies of Northern Region were inspected to check safety measures under the Islamabad Fire Prevention and Life Safety Regulation-2010.
Mayor of Islamabad and Chairman CDA, Sheikh Anser Aziz said all the ongoing development projects are being completed within the stipulated time, while under the future plan; new mega projects would also be initiated.
On this occasion, Anser Aziz directed the formation concerned to arrange firework demonstration on the midnight of August 13 and 14.
Why choose the Anser U2 Hand-Held Printer for your packaging line?
Mayor of Islamabad, Sheikh Anser Aziz said that the main object behind this step is to enhance beauty of the federal capital in addition to the uplifting of these facilities.
Mayor Sheikh Anser Aziz could not be contacted for comments.
In his appeal, Sheikh Anser Aziz has pointed out that section 8 of the CDA Ordinance says that disqualification should be 'on account of financial interest and if the said private financial or conflicting interest has not been disclosed to the federal government.
Recent sit-ins at Faizabad impeded the pace of work on the project, however, Mayor of Islamabad and Chairman CDA Sheikh Anser Aziz has directed the contractor to depute the staff in three different shifts so that Sohan Interchange could be partially opened by the next month.
Through this acquisition, represented by the law firm of Holland and Knight, ANSER gains approximately 165 employees bringing its total headcount to 515 and revenue growth increases to USD 500m per annum.
On November 7, 2016 the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Andrei Ermolovich, held a meeting with the Mayor of Islamabad, Sheikh Anser Aziz.
Those charged are Zahoor Hussain, 38, of Whitehall Road, Ateek Khan, 27, of Oak Road, Muserat Khan, 36, of Greets Green Road, and Mohammed Anser Khan, 31, of Whitehall Road.