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(ˈæns gɑr)

also Ans•kar

(ˈæn skɑr)

Saint, 801–865, French Benedictine priest and missionary: patron saint of Scandinavia.
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Ms Rao's husband, Ansgar Wenzel, described his wife as "wonderful and warm-hearted".
Lors d'une seance de travail avec le president de la commission de la cooperation economique et de developpement, Dagmar Wohrl, et le president de la commission des affaires internes du Bundestag, Ansgar Heveling, Mohamed Ennaceur a mis en avant la contribution des entreprises allemandes installees en Tunisie a la creation d'emploi.
As of 1 February 2016, Ansgar Hoffmann has assumed the head role of GEA's DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and Eastern European region, following the retirement Dr Hugo Blaum.
LAST year's winner Ansgar is tasked with becoming the first horse to win back-to-back runnings of this Group 3 contest after getting the better of Darwin, the 2013 winner, 12 months ago.
Latest Odds: Brazen Beau 9/4), Mustajeeb (4/1), Due Diligence (8/1), Tropics (10/1), Wandjina (10/1), Undrafted (12/1), Moviesta (14/1), Pearl Secret (14/1), Glass Office (16/1), Gordon Lord Byron (20/1), Music Master (20/1), Astaire (25/1), Lucky Kristale (25/1), Ansgar (33/1), Caspar Netscher (33/1)
Dans cette perspective, un titre renvoyant a la culture de l'inquisition dans l'Angleterre medievale fait quelque peu l'effet d'un coup de tonnerre, etant donne que l'inquisition dominicaine ne s'est jamais etablie en Angleterre, ou, pour citer les mots deliberement emphatiques de George Lyman Kittredge dans son ouvrage desormais classique << Witchcraft in Old and New England >> (1929): << Now the papal inquisition, as everybody knows, never gained a foothold in England >>--a part le cas tres particulier des Templiers, exception confirmant la regie, comme nous le rappelle Henry Ansgar Kelly dans le present volume.
Earlier Ansgar produced a careerbest effort to make all the in the Group 3 Minstrel Stakes.
In the final panel, Cinzia Alcidi of the Centre for European Policy Studies in Brussels, Professor Ansgar Belke from the University of Duisburg-Essen & Monetary Expert Panel EU Parliament, Professor Iftekhar Hasan of Fordham University, Hans-Helmut Kotz from Harvard University and former Director of the Deutsche Bundesbank, and Professor Dirk Schoenmaker of the Duisenberg School of Finance at University of Amsterdam debated the policy lessons from the financial crisis.
These new deals are from sectors where we already have many years of experience," says Ansgar Hutten, CEO of DS-Concept Factoring GmbH.
She and Industry Minister Ansgar Gabrielsen (Conservative) decided to forge ahead despite the outcry.
These writings sandwich presentation of 30 examples of office building and interior design assembled by historian and journalist Ansgar Oswald.
Ansgar Belke of the University of Duisburg-Essen and member of the Monetary Expert Panel in the European Parliament, writes that "using gold as collateral for highly distressed bonds would bring great benefits to the euro area in terms of reduced financing costs and bridge-financing.