answering machine

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an·swer·ing machine

A device for answering one's telephone and recording callers' messages.

answering machine


answer machine

(Telecommunications) a device by means of which a telephone call is answered automatically and the caller enabled to leave a recorded message

an′swering machine`

a device that automatically answers telephone calls with a prerecorded message and records callers' messages for later playback.
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Noun1.answering machine - an electronic device that answers the telephone and records messagesanswering machine - an electronic device that answers the telephone and records messages
electronic device - a device that accomplishes its purpose electronically
telefon se záznamníkemtelefonní záznamníkzáznamník
telefonska sekretarica
자동 응답기
điện thoại có máy trả lời tự độngmáy trả lời điện thoại tự động

answering machine

n(automatischer) Anrufbeantworter

answering machine

[ˈɑːnsərɪŋməˈʃiːn] nsegreteria telefonica


(ˈaːnsə) noun
1. something said, written or done that is caused by a question etc from another person. She refused to give an answer to his questions.
2. the solution to a problem. The answer to your transport difficulties is to buy a car.
1. to make an answer to a question, problem, action etc. Answer my questions, please; Why don't you answer the letter?
2. to open (the door), pick up (the telephone) etc in reponse to a knock, ring etc. He answered the telephone as soon as it rang; Could you answer the door, please?
3. to be suitable or all that is necessary (for). This will answer my requirements.
4. (often with to) to be the same as or correspond to (a description etc). The police have found a man answering (to) that description.
ˈanswerable adjective
(usually with to, ~for) to have the responsibility. I will be answerable to you for his good behaviour; She is answerable for the whole project.
ˈanswering ˌmachine noun
(also machine) a machine that take messages for you when you cannot answer the phone. to leave a message on the answering machine.
answer for
1. (often with to) to bear the responsibility or be responsible for (something). I'll answer to your mother for your safety.
2. to suffer or be punished (for something). You'll answer for your rudeness one day!
ˈanswerphone noun
= answering machine.

answering machine

الرَدُّ الآليُّ عَلَى الهَاتِف, جِهَاز الردّ الآلي telefon se záznamníkem, záznamník telefonsvarer Anrufbeantworter αυτόματος τηλεφωνητής, τηλεφωνητής contestador, contestador automático puhelinvastaaja répondeur telefonska sekretarica segreteria telefonica 留守番電話 자동 응답기 antwoordapparaat telefonsvarer automatyczna sekretarka atendedor de chamadas, secretária eletrônica автоответчик telefonsvarare เครื่องตอบรับโทรศัพท์ telesekreter điện thoại có máy trả lời tự động, máy trả lời điện thoại tự động 电话应答机, 自动应答录音电话机
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Beep Detection: AudioCodes AMD algorithms are also able to detect the beep at the end of the answering machine greeting, facilitating the ability of outbound campaigns to leave messages on answering machines, making these otherwise unsuccessful calls productive.
The software also has an enhanced voice agent, which supports campaigns that automatically dial and play messages to live connects and answering machines.
I don't recall that the vogue lasted for more than a few years, but one of the things many of us did in the 1980s was to put a music sample on our answering machines.
The company is targeting families that rely on both answering machines and pagers to stay in touch, and is banking on the growing popularity of pagers to help push the product at retail.
Homeowners who want to separate personal and business lines, can check out the KX-T3880--one of a few cordless, two-line telephone answering machines.
The modern home is crammed with electronic gear--personal computers, sophisticated stereo systems, telephone answering machines, video cassette recorders.
Most dialers cannot detect answering machines with high accuracy and still comply with the two-second rule.
The new products, which include eight answering machines and answering machine-telephone combination units, are shipping now to consumers electronics and department