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formicary, formicarium

the dwelling of a colony of ants, as an anthill or nest.
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Indeed, the raw and visually low-tech character of Solomons's videos harks back to the medium's early roots in the mid-'60s, when artists (such as the collective Ant Farm) embraced the newly available Sony Porta-Pak camera to produce "guerrilla" television as an alternative to mainstream broadcasts--a legacy of video that has been overwhelmed by today's predominantly spectacular installation works.
The Loudwire Gen-X Summer Tour features Buckcherry, P.O.D., Lit and Alien Ant Farm, who will take the stage at Rotary Hill along the Naperville Riverwalk beginning at 4:30 p.m.
The picture that emerges from the Berkeley Art Museum's fascinating retrospective of Ant Farm, the experimental architecture collective founded by Chip Lord and Doug Michels in 1968, is one of relentless flatness.
AM I the only person in the world that thinks Alien Ant Farm's tune Smooth Criminal is awful?
Alien Ant Farm is known for its strong repertoire of songs, great attitudes and loyal fan base.
Alien Ant Farm currently have their single, Movies, in the top five, but the Californian band are best known for their cover of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal.
Kylie, Bob The Builder, Shaggy and Alien Ant Farm all kept Posh Spice off the top.
1 (1) Hero - Enrique Iglesias 2 (-) Hey Baby - No Doubt 3 (2) Get The Party Started - Pink 4 (5) Addicted To Bass - Puretone 5 (-) Movies - Alien Ant Farm 6 (6) Always On Time - JaRule ft Ashanti 7 (3) Caught In The Middle - A1 8 (-) So Lonely - Jakatta 9 (4) Overprotected - Britney Spears 10 (7) True Love Never
Other Alien Ant Farm hits include, "These Days" and "Attitude."
It has a built-in internet capability, so when the PS2 modem comes out up to four will be able to compete online, and there's also a cool soundtrack with Alien Ant Farm and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
2005 - Nurun | Ant Farm for Nurun | Ant Farm Interactive Website Interactive
P.O.D / Alien Ant Farm, O2 Academy, Newcastle HAVING a cover as your biggest hit can pose something of a problem for a band, especially when that cover was so well done that it almost becomes synonymous with the band to a greater extent than to the original artist.