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Noun1.Antarctic continent - an extremely cold continent at the south pole almost entirely below the Antarctic CircleAntarctic continent - an extremely cold continent at the south pole almost entirely below the Antarctic Circle; covered by an ice cap up to 13,000 feet deep; "Antarctica is twice the size of Australia"
Antarctic, Antarctic Zone, South Frigid Zone - the region around the south pole: Antarctica and surrounding waters
Adelie Coast, Adelie Land, Terre Adelie - a costal region of Antarctica to the south of Australia; noted for its large colonies of penguins
Coats Land - a region of western Antarctica along the southeastern shore of the Weddell Sea
Enderby Land - a region of Antarctica between Queen Maud Land and Wilkes Land; claimed by Australia
Queen Maud Land - a region of Antarctica between Enderby Land and the Weddell Sea; claimed by Norway
South Pole - the southernmost point of the Earth's axis
Victoria Land - a mountainous area of Antarctica bounded by the Ross Sea and Wilkes Land
Wilkes Land - a coastal region of Antarctica on the Indian Ocean to the south of Australia; most of the territory is claimed by Australia
Admiralty Range - mountains in Antarctica to the north of Victoria Land
Antarctic Peninsula, Palmer Peninsula - a large peninsula of Antarctica that extends some 1200 miles north toward South America; separates the Weddell Sea from the South Pacific
Ross Sea - an arm of the southern Pacific Ocean in Antarctica
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If sea ice declines as predicted by climate models used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, emperor penguins across the Antarctic continent will be in serious decline by the end of this century.
Based in Cambridge, United Kingdom, it has, for over 60 years, undertaken the majority of Britain~s scientific research on and around the Antarctic continent.
In January 2006, Antarctic Mike became one of nine people to have run a marathon on the Antarctic continent.
The creation of 19-year-old music prodigy Karl Schmaltz, The Shackleton Experience is a unique blend of music and spoken-word storytelling, reliving Sir Ernest Shackleton's effort to cross the Antarctic continent from sea to sea aboard the ship "Endurance".
Phoenix-S1, after launch from an observation site called S17 on Antarctic continent ice sheet, climbed up being suspended under a rubber balloon while aerosol number density observation and sampling were performed.
Thompson expanded oceanic surveying and Murray edited 50 volumes in 1895, supporting the idea of an Antarctic continent.
Jim Harland, a former Chronicle journalist, when researching the book, came across Captain William Smith who, early in the 17th century built a boat in Blyth and sailed it to the Antarctic where he was thought to have discovered the Antarctic continent.
In December 2013, Maria became the first person in the world to cycle from the edge of the Antarctic continent to the South Pole.
The Antarctic continent, roughly the size of the United States and Mexico combined, is composed of rock covered by glaciers some 16,000 feet thick.
A few of the accomplishments that have earned him his place in the record books include being the first to circumnavigate the world along its polar axis, leading the first hovercraft expedition up the Nile - the longest river in the world, completing the first unsupported crossing of the Antarctic Continent (with Dr Mike Stroud) which was the longest unsupported polar journey in history, and discovering the lost city of Ubar on the Yemeni border in 1992, after seven previous searches.
Strengthening of these westerly winds helps us to explain why large parts of the Antarctic continent are not yet showing evidence of climate warming," said Dr Mulvaney, from the British Antarctic Survey.

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