Ante mortem

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An`te mor´tem

1.Before death; - generally used adjectively; as, an ante-mortem statement; ante-mortem examination.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Efforts have to be made to maintain the dental records which will serve as ante mortem data', he added.
Kahariri said that lack of the inspectors made it impossible to conduct Ante mortem examinations in the animals as required to be done before slaughter.
Human identification can be made by comparing postmortem data with patient's ante mortem dental records (including dental casts, cinematographic records and X-rays).4 In the absence of ante mortem data, post mortem dental profiling is being carried out through forensic anthropology to determine an individual's age, ancestry background, gender and socioeconomic status.5 It may also reflect over a person's profession, dietary routine or any dental/ systemic disease.6 The changes observed in mandible and teeth over the time and the variations in the ratio of D and L aspartic acid in dentine, help determine the relative age of an individual.
The total rate, yearly, seasonal and monthly rates were calculated by dividing the number of animals rejected by the total number of animals entering the abattoir, (condemnations ante mortem) or number of carcass (condemnations post mortem), each year, season or month from 2002 to 2016.
Nevertheless, Marco still appealed to the Supreme Court (SC) contending that the ante mortem statement of Ernie was not part of the res gestae since it was taken only after Ernie's operation the following morning and not spontaneously, immediately after the occurrence of the act.
Ningun animal recibio descanso ni ducha ante mortem. Tampoco se realizo la aplicacion del aturdimiento y en todos los casos los animales fueron sacrificados por deguello directo.
La deuxieme equipe doit recuperer les echantillons preleves par la premiere equipe et recueillir des informations sur les victimes, en vue d'obtenir des donnees qui serviront a la phase appelee [beaucoup moins que] ante mortem [beaucoup plus grand que].
A realizacao da necropsia e muito importante tanto para animais diagnosticados ante mortem, quanto para os nao foram diagnosticados.
"We have received post mortem report today which indicates death due to ante mortem hanging and the injury and abrasion marks found on the right side of the body can also be due to hanging, the report said," Satyendra Singh, deputy commissioner of police, told media.
PCH is a rare cause of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), which is characterized by an uncontrollable proliferation of pulmonary capillaries and difficult to be diagnosed ante mortem.[1] Less than 100 cases of PCH have been described previously and only three cases in China.[2],[3] There was only a single case of PCH associated with CREST syndrome in the past literature.[4] The patient presented with dyspnea on exertion, CREST syndrome, PAH, and bilaterally diffuse ground-glass opacities.
In order to safe guard the interest of Veterinarian and owners of rabies suspected ruminants, there is a need to develop a rapid diagnosis of rabies but unfortunately the available ante mortem examination of smears of saliva and cornea is expensive, time consuming, laborious and 50 percent accurate.