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 (ăn′thə-nē), Saint ad 251?-356?
Egyptian ascetic monk considered to be the founder of Christian monasticism.


(Biography) Saint. ?251–?356 ad, Egyptian hermit, commonly regarded as the founder of Christian monasticism. Feast day: Jan 17


(ˈæn tə ni, -θə- for 1,2; ˈæn θə ni for 3 )

1. Mark, Antony, Mark.
2. Saint, A.D. 251?–356?, Egyptian hermit: founder of Christian monasticism.
3. Susan Brownell, 1820–1906, U.S. reformer and suffragist.
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Noun1.Anthony - Roman general under Julius Caesar in the Gallic warsAnthony - Roman general under Julius Caesar in the Gallic wars; repudiated his wife for the Egyptian queen Cleopatra; they were defeated by Octavian at Actium (83-30 BC)
2.Anthony - United States suffragist (1820-1906)Anthony - United States suffragist (1820-1906)


[ˈæntənɪ] NAntonio
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