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Noun1.Antennariidae - frogfishesAntennariidae - frogfishes; tropical spiny-finned marine fishes having large nearly vertical mouths; related to toadfishes and anglers
fish family - any of various families of fish
order Pediculati, Pediculati - anglers and batfishes; spiny-finned marine fishes having pectoral fins at the ends of armlike processes and a long movable spine on the dorsal fin to lure prey to the large mouth
frogfish - fish having a frog-like mouth with a lure on the snout
sargassum fish - small fantastically formed and colored fishes found among masses of sargassum
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Instead of swimming, the several dozen fish species in the family Antennariidae usually walk.
The fish, which was found this time, belongs to a group scientifically called "Antennariidae" or "Antennarius Indicus." In English, it is commonly known as "Indian Frogfish." This is one of the six types of frogfish found among the coral reefs.
In a recent molecular revision of the Antennariidae (Arnold & Pietsch 2012), this species was moved into the A.