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 (gä′zē-än-tĕp′) Formerly Ain·tab (īn-tăb′)
A city of southern Turkey north of Aleppo, Syria. An ancient Hittite center, it was strategically important during the Crusades. The surrounding area is known for its textiles and pistachio nuts.


(Placename) a city in S Turkey: base for Ibrahim Pasha's campaign against the Turks (1839) and centre of Turkish resistance to French forces (1921). Pop: 1 004 000 (2005 est). Former name (until 1921): Aintab


(ˌgɑ zi ɑnˈtɛp)

a city in S Turkey in Asia. 716,000. Formerly, Aintab.
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Colak added that lager amounts of weapons andammunition were transported into Gazi Antep in preparation to smuggle them into Syria, "ISISterrorists paid me 1000 USD in return for driving them to the village by my car, but when Irejected they threatened of decapitating me.
Henry Sergeant West engaged in the very first medical missions in prospective mission centres such as Sivas, Antep, Beirut, Mardin, Diyarbakir and Mosul.
Pistachio cultivars of Antep and Siirt are the major pistachio varieties that are grown in Turkey.
Se trata de una palabra nueva, compuesta por el antep.
Moreover, during the Turkish War of Independence, militias (Kuvva-i Milliye) played important roles in local resistance movements in Western and South-Eastern Anatolia (in Antep, Maras, and Urfa), when the centralized army was in the process of formation.
MEGEP Trabzon, Istanbul ve Antep Bolgeleri Ornegi).
On October 4, Turkish police launched simultaneous operations in Diyarbakir, Adiyaman, Mardin, Siirt, Urfa, Antep, Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara and detained more than 140 pro-Kurdish political activists.
Anatolia Energy will use the proceeds for exploration activities in the Anatolia Basin of Turkey and for certain prospects and trends outlined in its Bismil, Antep, Besni and Sinan licences.
In Antep, they make a good shot, they'll hit a flying crane in the
Artificial neural networks (ANN) approach for modeling of Pb (II) adsorption from aqueous solution by Antep pistachio (Pistacia Vera L.
When you dine at Kefi, the rooftop restaurant at the Taj Mount Road, you will fall in love with the breads, naan and pita-style pockets of soft doughs stuffed with various yoghurt dips and spreads such as Antep Mezze and Horiatiki Salata.
An early-morning burglar broke into Antep pizza shop, on Station Road, Ashington, and made off with money from the tills -but this image was caught by the store's CCTV.