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 (gä′zē-än-tĕp′) Formerly Ain·tab (īn-tăb′)
A city of southern Turkey north of Aleppo, Syria. An ancient Hittite center, it was strategically important during the Crusades. The surrounding area is known for its textiles and pistachio nuts.
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(Placename) a city in S Turkey: base for Ibrahim Pasha's campaign against the Turks (1839) and centre of Turkish resistance to French forces (1921). Pop: 1 004 000 (2005 est). Former name (until 1921): Aintab
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(ˌgɑ zi ɑnˈtɛp)

a city in S Turkey in Asia. 716,000. Formerly, Aintab.
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Muhammet Demir is Antep's striker to stop, having scored four goals already this season.
Turkish "Bugun" daily said Wednesday that thevillage of "Cangalli" in "Kielce" area and "Uc Kubbe" in Gazi Antep area are the main threatenedareas as ISIS uses the two villages to cross into Syria.
Post, who worked as a professor of surgery at the Syrian Protestant College, believed that the opening of a medical school and hospital in Antep by missionaries from the American Board (hereafter the Board) (1) would yield a multitude of benefits.
Beginning in 1984, the Anangu Tertiary Education Program (AnTEP) has endeavoured to prepare students in the APY Lands to teach in their own communities, and enabled Anangu Education Workers to upgrade their qualifications (UniSA, n.d.).
A creative dish of fresh baklava made of layers of thin pastry stuffed with kaymak (fresh Turkish cream) and antep pistachio powder.
These are, for Greece, Tomataki Santorinis' (PDO), a tomato grown on the volcanic soil of several islands of the Cyclades; for the United Kingdom, Yorkshire Wensleydale' (PGI), a pressed cheese made from cow's milk in Wensleydale (North Yorkshire); for Turkey, Antep Baklavasi/Gaziantep Baklavasi' (PDO), a pastry made in the province of Gaziantep, South-East Anatolia, which is the first Turkish product registered in the EU and the 16th non-EU food name receiving the protected status.
MC (Antep- MC 32.01% (db) and Siirt-MC 41.92%(db)) of Pistachios growing in Siirt and Antep, Turkey is found to be different from that of pistachios growing in Iranian Khany and Abasaliy.
Demirel, "Artificial neural network (ANN) approach for modeling of Pb(II) adsorption from aqueous solution by Antep pistachio (Pistacia Vera L.) shells," Journal of Hazardous Materials, vol.
Hazir"--3 females; "Turkey, Antep, between Antep--Urfa, 13.
Acknowledgement: We would like to thank Directorate of Agriculture of Provincial Adiyaman, Antep, Batman, Diyarbakir, Kilis, Mardin, Siirt, Sirnak and Urfa, and Board Scientific Research of Harran University (HUBAK-1101) for providing financial assistance for this research.
Se trata de una palabra nueva, compuesta por el antep. Lat.