Anthemis tinctoria

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Noun1.Anthemis tinctoria - Eurasian perennial herb with hairy divided leaves and yellow flowersAnthemis tinctoria - Eurasian perennial herb with hairy divided leaves and yellow flowers; naturalized in North America
composite plant, composite - considered the most highly evolved dicotyledonous plants, characterized by florets arranged in dense heads that resemble single flowers
Anthemis, genus Anthemis - dog fennel
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Andy Garcka, Greenford, North West London: Try scabious (both knautia and scabiosa species), coreopsis, Anthemis tinctoria and cultivars of Geranium wallichianum.
A large number of drought-tolerant plants are distinguished by grey foliage, some like lad's love (Artemisa) with silver filigree leaves, Cotton lavender (Santolina), and Anthemis tinctoria with masses of lemon yellow daisy flowers now so familiar it's easy to assume they are all natives.
Other herbaceous golden treasures are daylilies, rudbeckias, heleniums, coreopsis and anthemis tinctoria, the golden marguerite.
As many taxonomically related plants may contain structurally similar compounds [5], it could be useful to investigate also the composition of essential oils of other species of the Asteraceae family, morphologically and chemotaxonomically similar to the genus Chamomilla, such as Anthemis tinctoria L.
Only a recent study reports the antileishmanial activity of the Anthemis tinctoria extract (Di Giorgio et al.
61 Anthemis tinctoria 1 Anthriscus sylvestris 1 A triplex prostrata 2 2 Brassica campestris 5 9 Capsella bursa pastoris 1 Centaurea cyanus 2 3 Cerastium arvense 3 Cerastium holosteoides 15 Chelidonium majus 38 Chenopodium album 69 479 544 Chenopodium glaucum 7 Erodium cicutarium 1 Fallopia convolvulus 8 31 Fumaria officinalis 2 Galeopsis ladanum 1 Galeopsis tetrahit/speciosa 9 25 Galium aparine 39 Galium spurium 1 Geranium pusillum 4 Lamium album 1 Lamium purpureum 1 Lapsana communis 2 Polygonum aviculare 29 Polygonum lapathifolium 12 237 Polygonum sp.
Anthemis tinctoria `Sauce Hollandaise' - a pale daisy flower with a deep yellow centre and a reliable, floriferous habit.
The most adaptable garden species is Anthemis tinctoria, sometimes called golden marguerite, which has cream flowers with yellow centres an inch or so across on 90cm (3ft) stems.
GLORIOUS: Californian poppies TREASURE: Anthemis tinctoria VIBRANT: Swiss chard