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Old Anthony Rockwall, retired manufacturer and proprietor of Rockwall's Eureka Soap, looked out the library window of his Fifth Avenue mansion and grinned.
And then Anthony Rockwall, who never cared for bells, went to the door of his library and shouted "Mike!" in the same voice that had once chipped off pieces of the welkin on the Kansas prairies.
And now the ghostly apparition of her had returned as to a tried and trusted friend; had commanded me to remember her and to go to her; and had provided against all possibility of my memory playing me false, by writing the words which invited me to meet her "when the full moon shone on Saint Anthony's Well."
I never heard of Saint Anthony's Well; I have not the least idea where it is.
This clearly referred to Captain Anthony of the Ferndale.
So one year, in his favourite over-the-fields, back-way fashion he entered a pretty Surrey village where he met Miss Anthony. Pure accident, you see.
"Why Anthony, the driver--he is here and wishes to see you."
"Your name is Anthony?" said Miss Emmerson, as he bowed to her with due deference.
Anthony Humm, a converted fireman, now a schoolmaster, and occasionally an itinerant preacher; and the secretary was Mr.
Anthony Humm now moved that the assembly do regale itself with a song.
Anthony, but she spoke with a slight Italian accent, and Flambeau did not doubt that Anthony was a Norfolk version of some more Latin name.
Anthony," said Father Brown seriously, "there is no time for nonsense.