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Noun1.Anthony Comstock - United States reformer who led moral crusades against art and literature that he considered obscene (1844-1915)
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Weingarten describes the unlikely alliance of US postal inspector and antiabortion activist Anthony Comstock and birth control advocate Margaret Sanger.
Anthony Comstock fought for the North during the Civil War and returned to New York City deeply offended by the widespread circulation of obscene images among his fellow soldiers.
The author of this book, a professor of law and justice, has gone beyond the notorious Anthony Comstock crusades to find defining moments of both censorship and pornography throughout the nineteenth century.
The moral crusader Anthony Comstock was made a special agent of the Post Office, and he spent the next 42 years vigorously enforcing the new law.
1873 Postal inspector Anthony Comstock crusades against "obscenity" such as birth control.
The Constitution also reported that New York City newspapers, aided by Anthony Comstock, an agent for the Society for the Suppression of Vice, had joined in a crusade in that city against the photographs, while the cigarette dealers responded that the pictures were no more immoral or indecent than the pictures of well-known actresses exhibited in the bars of leading hotels.
Examples include the Borgias who changed church rules and local laws to sanction their immoral behavior; an overview of the Spanish Inquisition and its failed war on heresy; and the American Anthony Comstock whose campaign against "sneering godless liberals" drove him to destroy obscene books and oppose nude art and birth control.
Anthony Comstock, the most notorious of these crusaders, started out in New York as a stock clerk in a dry-goods store, which may explain why, in his new career as a public scourge, he failed at first to intimidate the city's tough and amply bribed cops and judges into prosecuting obscenity.
Each of the seven chapters highlights the movement's better-and lesser-known figures, cases, and acts, including Anthony Comstock and his Comstock Act and Roe attorney Linda Coffee.
It might as well have, because the organization that became infamous under Anthony Comstock had the power to suppress whatever it didn't like.
Anthony Comstock was the Postal Inspector in charge of cleaning up the mail and suppressing the vice in this country during one of its repressive periods in the late 1800s and early 1900s.