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Over the course of his career, which spans more than 20 years, Koutsoumbaris teamed up with Chef Michael Psilakis to open several Greek tavernas in New York City, including Kefi, MP Taverna and Anthos.
A great witness of the success of this event was the re-booking of Alwasail, Saudi Anthos and Saudi Play to sponsor next year's edition of Future Landscape & Public Realm KSA.
We have compared our catalogue with those previously carried out in the area (Lopez & Saez 2002), with the exhaustive recompilation work about the vascular plant for the community of Madrid where 2233 species are mentioned (Morales 2003) and with the complete database of Anthos (http://www.
Rights to Fierce Kingdom have also been sold in "major" auctions or pre-empts to publishing companies such as Penguin Random House/Viking in the US; Laffont in France; Instrinseca in Brazil; Cappellen Damm in Norway; Norstedts in Sweden; Ambo Anthos in Holland; PRH in Spain; Piemme Italy; Zysk in Poland; Yediot in Israel; and Europa Konykiado in Hungary.
La densidad optica de las muestras se determino en un lector de ELISA (Biochrom Anthos 2010 v2) a una longitud de onda de 492 nm.
Information on species distribution has been gathered from ANTHOS (Information system on vascular plants in Spain), GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility), Flora iberica (Castroviejo, 1986-2015) and several bibliographical sources.
The absorbance was measured at 517 nm by microplate reader (Anthos 2010, Anthos Labtec Instruments GmbH).
For this purpose, it was used the broth microdilution method in conformity with CLSI, and the readings were performed by Anthos Zenyth 200rt Microplate Reader with filter at a wavelength of 530 nm (LEMES et al.
Se aplica de modo general el sistema biogeografico de Mateo y Crespo (2002), completando taxones de AM que no estan contemplados en esta obra, modificando algunas distribuciones y adaptando alguna nomenclatura a partir del cotejo de informacion suministrada por otras fuentes complementarias: Bolos y Vigo (1984-2001), Castroviejo (1986-2008), Flora Iberica (web), Anthos (web) y Atlas de la Flora de Aragon (web).
El incremento de ABTS oxidado se midio a 405 nm (Wang y Ng, 2006), usando un lector de placas multipozos Anthos 2020.
ELISA kits [MC-LR monoclonal antibody (MC8C10), Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China] and the Anthos 2010 Automatic ELISA analyzer (Anthos, Wals, Austria) were used to measure the intracellular and extracellular microcystin levels.
The method definitions are designed for use on the the company's Asys Expert Plus and the Anthos MultiRead 400 microplate readers.