Anthrax vaccine

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An´thrax vac´cine

1.(Veter.) A fluid vaccine obtained by growing a bacterium (Bacillus anthracis, formerly Bacterium anthracis) in beef broth. It is used to immunize animals, esp. cattle.
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This study shows that DepoVax is compatible with multiple sources of rPA and can enable a single dose rapid response anthrax vaccine.
In 1998, Michael Kipling, a Canadian Air Force officer, refused to take the mandatory anthrax vaccine after feeling that he had become ill from a vaccination during the Gulf War.
Washington, Sept 5 (ANI): Scientists from Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University have discovered two small protein fragments that could lead to improved anthrax vaccine with less side effects.
7 million, to fund the further development of AV7909, a next generation anthrax vaccine candidate within Emergent's portfolio of anthrax countermeasures.
However, in December 2006, HHS terminated the contract for a recombinant protective antigen (rPA) anthrax vaccine because VaxGen failed to meet a critical contractual milestone.
The new Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program allows voluntary vaccinations for people who have received one or more previous anthrax shots and want to continue the series.
The Department of Health and Human Services is buying 5 million additional doses of Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed from the BioPort Corp.
Now, almost five years later, we learn this from Justin Gillis of The Washington Post: "The government's $1 billion effort to develop a new anthrax vaccine has run into difficulty, with the company in charge [VaxGen Inc.
Billingham-based bioscience firm Avecia Biotechnology has been awarded a multi-million pound grant to develop a "transportable" version of the anthrax vaccine - Thraxine.
Now researchers at the University of Central Florida are helping to prepare for the possibility of anthrax attacks by developing a new technique that can quickly produce hundreds of millions of doses of a potentially safer anthrax vaccine.
recently announced that the FDA has issued a Final Order confirming that the company's anthrax vaccine, BioThrax[R], is safe and effective for immunization against anthrax infection, regardless of the route of exposure.
A SAFE and cheap anthrax vaccine could be grown to inoculate every person in the United States, according to a recent study from the University of Central Florida.