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Noun1.anti-Catholicism - a religious orientation opposed to Catholicism
religious orientation - an attitude toward religion or religious practices
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Blaine who, as Speaker of the House, sought to exploit nativist, anti-Catholic sentiment by offering a constitutional amendment barring the government from funding religious schools.
Anti-Catholic sentiment prevented conservative Protestants from wholeheartedly supporting a closer relationship with the Roman Catholic Church.
Williams outlines things like 'the controversy over woman', scolds and the scold's bridle, aspects of witchcraft trials, folklore and superstition, anti-Catholic sentiment, and the trope of the grotesque.
However, both anti-Catholic sentiment and O'Connell's antislavery statements tempered support in America.
Such rhetoric struck a chord with the anti-Catholic sentiment in court, in both Houses of Parliament, in the Parliamentary committee appointed to investigate the case, and in Gladstone's cabinet.
Anti-Catholic sentiment helped defeat Al Smith in the 1928 presidential election, (41) though almost any Democrat would have lost to the popular Herbert Hoover, whatever his religion.
The history of xenophobic and anti-Catholic sentiment in the late 19th century United States and its influence in education are well-researched aspects of American history.
Anti-Catholic sentiment, anti-Semitism, and other forms of religious bigotry have reared their ugly heads over and over in our history.
Nixon's campaign, on the other hand, mounted an underhanded effort to mobilize anti-Catholic sentiment, but the virulence of the tracts that resulted forced Nixon to disassociate himself from his conservative Protestant allies.
The bill was one of several laws that reflected anti-Catholic sentiment that held sway over the Legislature at that time.
The anti-life anti-Catholic sentiment was strong among these teachers.
Kennedy worked for four years to overcome anti-Catholic sentiment.