land mine

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land mine

1. An explosive mine laid usually just below the surface of the ground.
2. Informal A concealed yet incipient crisis.

land mine

(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) military an explosive charge placed in the ground, usually detonated by stepping or driving on it

land′ mine`

an explosive charge concealed just under the surface of the ground or of a roadway, designed to be detonated by pressure, proximity of a vehicle or person, etc.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: mine - an explosive mine hidden undergroundland mine - an explosive mine hidden underground; explodes when stepped on or driven over
bouncing betty - an antipersonnel land mine
claymore mine, claymore - an antipersonnel land mine whose blast is aimed at the oncoming enemy
mine - explosive device that explodes on contact; designed to destroy vehicles or ships or to kill or maim personnel
لغْم أرضي
pozemní mina
pozemná mína
kara mayını


(lӕnd) noun
1. the solid part of the surface of the Earth which is covered by the sea. We had been at sea a week before we saw land.
2. a country. foreign lands.
3. the ground or soil. He never made any money at farming as his land was poor and stony.
4. an estate. He owns land/lands in Scotland.
1. to come or bring down from the air upon the land. The plane landed in a field; They managed to land the helicopter safely; She fell twenty feet, but landed without injury.
2. to come or bring from the sea on to the land. After being at sea for three months, they landed at Plymouth; He landed the big fish with some help.
3. to (cause to) get into a particular (usually unfortunate) situation. Don't drive so fast – you'll land (yourself) in hospital/trouble!
ˈlanding noun
1. (an act of) coming or bringing to shore or to ground. an emergency landing; (also adjective) a landing place.
2. a place for coming ashore.
3. the level part of a staircase between flights of steps. Her room was on the first floor, across the landing from mine.
ˈlanding-gear noun
the parts of an aircraft that carry the load when it lands. The accident was caused by the failure of the plane's landing-gear.
ˈlanding-stage noun
a platform, fixed or floating, on which to land passengers or goods from a boat.
ˈlandlocked adjective
enclosed by land. a landlocked country; That area is completely landlocked.
ˈlandlordfeminine ˈlandlady (plural ˈlandladies) – noun
1. a person who has tenants or lodgers. My landlady has just put up my rent.
2. a person who keeps a public house. The landlord of the `Swan' is Mr Smith.
ˈlandmark noun
1. an object on land that serves as a guide to seamen or others. The church-tower is a landmark for sailors because it stands on the top of a cliff.
2. an event of great importance.
land mine
a mine laid on or near the surface of the ground, which is set off by something passing over it.
ˈlandowner noun
a person who owns land, especially a lot of land.
ˈLandrover® (-rouvə) noun
a type of strong motor vehicle used for driving over rough ground.
ˈlandslide noun
a piece of land that falls down from the side of a hill. His car was buried in the landslide.
ˈlandslide (victory) noun
a clear victory in an election. Their political party won a landslide victory.
ˈlandslide defeat noun
a clear defeat in an election.
land up
to get into a particular, usually unfortunate, situation, especially through one's own fault. If you go on like that, you'll land up in jail.
land with
to burden (someone) with (an unpleasant task). She was landed with the job of telling him the bad news.
see how the land lies
to take a good look at the circumstances before making a decision.
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Recovered from the battle site were 500 grenade launcher shells, M14 and M16 rifles and an M60 machine gun and electrical wires for rigging an anti-personnel landmine into an improvised explosive device (IED).
The troops of 36th Infantry (Valor) Battalion (36IB), Philippine Army found on Wednesday an anti-personnel landmine while conducting a security patrol in the vicinity of Nabigtaw, Sitio Gacub, Hinapuyan, Carmen, this province.
The Royal wrote: "There was not enough time for me to visit the Mostar area while I was in Bosnia but I was able to visit a number of anti-personnel landmine victims and their families.
In the letter Diana wrote: "There was not enough time for me to visit the Mostar area while I was in Bosnia but I was able to visit a number of anti-personnel landmine victims and their families.
As seen in the anti-personnel landmine ban, liberation from poverty through the Grameen Bank, the prevention of global warming and other such movements, global democracy that respects the majority will of the world and solves problems through the power of the people has truly begun to grow.
The type of landmine concerned is the PFM-1, the only known anti-personnel landmine containing toxic liquid explosive.
It costs pounds 6 to pounds 54 to buy an anti-personnel landmine. To remove a single mine could cost as much as pounds 1,800.
EUREKA's first foray into anti-personnel landmine technology, the ORACLE project has developed a rugged tractor for clearing mines and unexploded shells from agricultural land.
Organize a school or community fund-raising drive to collect money for anti-personnel landmine groups.
Seven soldiers from the 8th Infantry Battalion were wounded after they were hit by an anti-personnel landmine, along with one civilian vehicle with volunteers, while passing at the vicinity of Sitio Nasandigan, Barangay Kalabugao, Impasug-ong, Bukidnon yesterday.
Alpas and Gapan also surrendered one M14 rifle and an M4 rifle with 10 magazines and an anti-personnel landmine.
THE ANTI-PERSONNEL landmine is a manifestation of man's cruelty to man.