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"Although anti-abortion groups may condemn this type of violence when it happens, the way that they target and demonize providers contributes to a culture where some feel it is justifiable to murder doctors simply because they provide women with the abortion care they need," Saporta said.
Pro-ERA activists in the church say the neutral position of the hierarchy, coupled with their funding of anti-abortion groups, amounts to support for anti-ERA forces.
Anti-abortion groups said some of the reasons for the clinic closings were "deplorable conditions,'' violations of state safety regulations and high staff turnover, accusations the operators denied.
Ms Roke acknowledged the efforts of anti-abortion groups in spreading awareness.
Anti-abortion groups, which successfully branded it "partial-birth abortion," had spent 15 years and more than a quarter-billion dollars getting Congress to pass the ban in 2003.
George Tiller at his church in Wichita, Kansas, local anti-abortion groups have been celebrating their success in keeping the city "abortion-free." Women seeking abortions must now travel 200 miles to Kansas City or out of state to Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Not all anti-abortion groups support Personhood's tactic.
Most anti-abortion groups avoided the service, having denounced Tiller's shooting.
Investigators are looking into the arrested man's background, including any connections to anti-abortion groups.
George Tiller, 67, long a focus of national anti-abortion groups, was killed while serving as an usher at the Reformation Lutheran Church in Wichita.
was repeatedly delayed during the Bush Administration amid opposition from anti-abortion groups. It was ultimately approved with the age and availability restrictions that will now be reconsidered by regulators.
Banning anti-abortion groups from advertising "pregnancy counselling" without stating they oppose terminations.