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 (ăng′zē-ō-lĭt′ĭk, -sē-, ăngk′sē-)
Preventing or reducing anxiety; antianxiety.
An antianxiety medication; a tranquilizer.

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(Pharmacology) any of a class of drugs that reduce anxiety
(Pharmacology) of or relating to this class of drugs
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(ˌæŋ zi əˈlɪt ɪk)

1. relieving anxiety.
[1960–65; anxi (ety) + -o- + -lytic]
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Noun1.anxiolytic - a tranquilizer used to relieve anxiety and reduce tension and irritabilityanxiolytic - a tranquilizer used to relieve anxiety and reduce tension and irritability
benzodiazepine - any of several similar lipophilic amines used as tranquilizers or sedatives or hypnotics or muscle relaxants; chronic use can lead to dependency
BuSpar, buspirone - a drug (trade name BuSpar) designed specifically for anxiety
Dalmane, flurazepam, flurazepam hydrochloride - tranquilizer (trade name Dalmane) used to treat insomnia
Atarax, hydroxyzine, hydroxyzine hydrochloride, Vistaril - a drug (trade names Atarax and Vistaril) used as a tranquilizer to treat anxiety and motion sickness
Equanil, Meprin, meprobamate, Miltown - a sedative and tranquilizer (trade name Miltown and Equanil and Meprin) used to treat muscle tension and anxiety
oxazepam, Serax - a tranquilizing drug (trade name Serax) used to treat anxiety and insomnia and alcohol withdrawal
perphenazine, Triavil - tranquilizer and antidepressant (trade name Triavil) sometimes used as an antiemetic for adults
antianxiety agent, ataractic, ataractic agent, ataractic drug, tranquilizer, tranquilliser, tranquillizer - a drug used to reduce stress or tension without reducing mental clarity
Adj.1.anxiolytic - anxiety relieving
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Sandy denied claims that she had given Travis an anti-anxiety drug earlier on the day of the attack.
What mind-messing junk it was, too: everything from the powerful and controversial sleeping pills Ambien and Zopiclone, to the antidepressant Zoloft, the highlyaddictive anti-anxiety drug Xanax, the antihistamine Donormyl and that old stalwart Valium which, according to the American Drug Enforcement Administration, is more often involved in drug-related deaths and emergencies than heroin, marijuana and alcohol put together.
Earlier this week, Sandy said that shortly before the attack, she had given the chimp the anti-anxiety drug Xanax because he was agitated.
MEDICAL professionals are to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of Valium and the role of the anti-anxiety drug in society tonight.
Former French army pilot Christophe Fauviau admitted using an anti-anxiety drug 27 times in tournaments across France from 2000 to 2003.
Producer Usher and manager Scooter Braun want the pop star, 19, to get help after he was arrested for racing a yellow Lamborghini and found with traces of marijuana and anti-anxiety drug Xanax in his body.
He also took antidepressant Zoloft, anti-anxiety drug Paxil and heartburn pill Priolosec, reports The Sun.
Instead, they should prescribe the anti-anxiety drug, benzodiazepine.
Results also showed Houston, 48, had marijuana, anti-anxiety drug Xanax, the muscle relaxant Flexeril and the allergy medication Benadryl in her system.
Staff say they had also received reports of her doing handstands by the side of the hotel's swimming pool.On Thursday evening Whitney appeared at Tru nightclub, on Hollywood's North Argyle Avenue for fellow R&B singer Kelly Price's pre-Grammy EX-awards party.She was said to be hitting the booze hard and sweating profusely.The night before she died she was seen knocking back drinks in the hotel bar with members of her entourage.Last night some US sources were speculating that the tragedy could have been caused by a cocktail of booze and the anti-anxiety drug Xanax, which could have led to severe drow-siness and caused the singer to fall asleep in her bath.
Several of the drugs had also been found in the star's body, Los Angeles Superior Court said that Lidocaine, anti-anxiety drug Lorazepam, the stimulant ephedrine and sedatives midazolam and propofol were all found in Jackson's system.
But seconds later, the panicking doc confessed he had given him the anti-anxiety drug lorazepam "to help him sleep".