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n.1.Opposition to imperialism.
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At a young age, Pram joined the anti-colonial struggle against Japan during World War II and later enlisted in an army to fight Dutch colonialists.
They explore arguments from the perspective of skepticism, including perspectives influencing Marxism and existentialism in the contexts of the Stalinist purges, Nazi occupation, and anti-colonial struggles in Algeria.
He will then visit Fylakismena Mnimata, the tombs of the heroes who lost their lives during the anti-colonial struggle against the British Rule as well as the Makedonitissa Tomb, the military cemetery were Greek Cypriot andGreek officers and soldiers are buried.
Cuban support for Palestine is rooted in the shared experience of anti-colonial struggle.
The song describes the sound of the bird's call as a sad reminder of a lost mother, and was banned by the Japanese authorities -- who reportedly saw it as a form of anti-colonial resistance -- but became popular again after Korea regained its independence in 1945.
Edinburgh College of Art students showcased designs inspired by Highland cows and anti-colonial politics.
China had turned red, there were communist movements throughout the world, and anti-colonial national liberation wars vulnerable to communist penetration had rocked Afro-Asia.
Mr Macron visited the 87-year-old widow of Maurice Audin, a French anti-colonial activist who disappeared after his arrest in Algeria.
The great anti-colonial, Afrikaner-nationalist poet, N P Van Wyk Louw, is said to have once remarked, that the cultivation of a sense of irony is essential to live in South Africa.
It is being done because Hindutva goons are genetically opposed to democratic-secular India which came into being after a long glorious anti-colonial freedom struggle.
Following the years of independence, this anti-colonial ideology solely dictated India's policy towards Palestine and Israel.
Her detailed archival materials and oral interviews allow her to move from specific colonial trials of interracial affairs to big narratives on the transatlantic movement of ideas, practices and families, and anti-colonial struggles within the British Empire.