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Noun1.anti-Catholicism - a religious orientation opposed to Catholicism
religious orientation - an attitude toward religion or religious practices
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pro-establishment, anti-papist anachronism," wrote Ron Graham of The Walrus.
Just as the hands on his houseful of clocks come full circle, few could have ever envisioned this hardline anti-papist free presbyterian ever sharing power with Irish Republicans.
Additionally the Anglo-Genevan Psalter of 1556-1560 reframed many psalms to express attitudes of penitence, consolation, and anti-papist proclamation.
The movement came to a screeching halt in 1640 with the arrest of Laud and new anti-papist laws passed by The Long Parliament.
Later in the century the vehemently anti-Papist Hugh Latimer writes in his "Sermon of the Plough" (1548), "so our blessed lady, which conceived and bare Christ in her womb, did ever after resemble the manners and virtues of that precious babe that she bare" (58).