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 (ăn′tē-săt′l-īt, ăn′tī-)
Directed against enemy satellites: antisatellite weapons.


(Military) (of a weapon) designed to destroy satellites


(ˌæn tiˈsæt lˌaɪt, ˈæn taɪ-)

(of a weapon) designed to destroy an enemy's orbiting satellite.
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Adj.1.antisatellite - of or relating to a system to destroy satellites in orbitantisatellite - of or relating to a system to destroy satellites in orbit; "antisatellite weapons"
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An anti-satellite weapon could take one out and create a major gap in capability and resilience, he added.
Concerns were highlighted in 2007 when China's first successful test of an anti-satellite weapon alarmed the international community and added as much as 10 percent to the debris in Earth's near-space area.
China conducted its first anti-satellite weapon test in 2007, and since then the U.
The advanced countries are now using "new space-based surveillance and intelligence gathering systems, anti-satellite weapon, anti-radar, infrared decoys, and false target generators" to obtain the required results.
Kelly Young, "Anti-Satellite Test Generates Dangerous Space Debris," New Scientist, January 2007; Shirley Khan, China's Anti-Satellite Weapon Test (Washington: Congressional Research Service [CRS], 23 April 2007), http://www.
The absence of a payload such as a satellite could suggest the rocket is designed as an anti-satellite weapon.
MOSCOW, Safar 17, 1433, Jan 11, 2012, SPA -- A Russian space official said a Mars-bound spacecraft due to crash to Earth soon may have failed because it was struck by some type of anti-satellite weapon, according to UPI.
China Confirms Anti-Satellite Weapon Test But Says Nothing to Fear.
The US report blamed two recent events - a 2007 Chinese anti-satellite weapon test and a 2009 collision between two orbiting satellites.
But two events in the past four years - a 2007 Chinese anti-satellite weapon test and a 2009 crash-in-orbit of two satellites put so much new junk in space that everything changed, the report said.
The 2007 anti-satellite weapon test smashed a decommissioned weather satellite, rendering bout 150,000 pieces of debris over one centimeter.
The colonel cited jamming attempts of American GPS by foreign governments, and the use of an anti-satellite weapon by the Chinese two years ago as examples of developing threats for which the U.