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1. 'anti-social'

Anti-social behaviour is harmful or annoying to other people.

...the growing use of the computer by anti-social elements as a weapon of crime.
Don't let your children develop an anti-social habit such as bullying.

Note that the American spelling of this word is antisocial.

2. 'unsociable'

People who do not like the company of other people are sometimes described as anti-social, but the usual word used to describe such people is unsociable.

She was an awkward and unsociable girl.
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Class hatred is anti-social, and, it seems to me, anti- socialistic."
He was becoming anti-social. Daily he found it a severer strain to be decent with people.
Chief Inspector Jason Nadin, strategic lead for anti-social behaviour, said: "Staffordshire Police takes the issue of anti-social behaviour very seriously and is working with partners to continue to reduce the levels experienced.
Figures from show that there were 1,114 cases of anti-social behaviour in the council ward in the 12 months up to May 2019.
Figures from Police UK show that there were 305 cases of anti-social behaviour in the council ward in the 12 months to May 2019.
The Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) found that 36% of people in the Leicestershire police force area reported experiencing or witnessing some sort of anti-social behaviour in 2018.
Latest figures show there were a total of 410 incidents of anti-social behaviour in Nuneaton and Bedworth during June, the latest month for which figures are available on the crime map.
According to South Wales Police there have been a number of incidents of anti-social behaviour reported in the lane over the past month.
The shop is in an area which is plagued by alcohol-related anti-social behaviour, Northumbria Police has said, and the force fears granting the licence would only make the situation worse.
Anti-social incidents have been reported in the Westfield Estate and West Road areas.
In response to concerns from people at Morpeth, officers from Northumbria Police carried out patrols at specific times and locations in November to prevent anti-social behaviour and provide reassurance to members of the public that their issues were being addressed.
She said: "We have found this operation has made a real difference to the level of anti-social behaviour in the area.