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1. 'anti-social'

Anti-social behaviour is harmful or annoying to other people.

...the growing use of the computer by anti-social elements as a weapon of crime.
Don't let your children develop an anti-social habit such as bullying.

Note that the American spelling of this word is antisocial.

2. 'unsociable'

People who do not like the company of other people are sometimes described as anti-social, but the usual word used to describe such people is unsociable.

She was an awkward and unsociable girl.
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Class hatred is anti-social, and, it seems to me, anti- socialistic.
According to the housing association's tenant handbook, anti-social behaviour can ultimately lead to residents being evicted.
Anti-social incidents have been reported in the Westfield Estate and West Road areas.
In response to concerns from people at Morpeth, officers from Northumbria Police carried out patrols at specific times and locations in November to prevent anti-social behaviour and provide reassurance to members of the public that their issues were being addressed.
She said: "We have found this operation has made a real difference to the level of anti-social behaviour in the area.
During the visit three tenants received a notice of seeking possession of their properties following several issues of anti-social behaviour on the Metro.
The seminar has been held in response to the views which came out of the consultation on the Executive s Community Safety Strategy, consultees wanted the statutory response to anti-social behaviour to deliver for the community.
Across KirKlees, Safer Schools officers will be reinforcing the message about how seriously they treat anti-social behaviour and to remind students that their actions have a community-wide impact.
Some 30% of respondents to the 2011/12 Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) said they had personally experienced or witnessed at least one anti-social problem in their area, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said.
BTP's Sector Commander for Wales, Chief Inspector Sandra England, said: "With the onset of lighter nights, Easter is a time when, traditionally, incidents of anti-social behaviour, trespassing and vandalism increase.
Findings from the Safer Caerphilly Community Safety Partnership (SCCSP) Strategic Assessment, considered by local authority members recently, showed excellent results including "impressive" reductions in crime and anti-social behaviour.
Karen Bateman has been charged with the job of encouraging more people to pursue complaints so robust action can be taken to curb the anti-social antics of gangs making some residents' lives a misery.