Special Forces

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special forces

1. A military or paramilitary unit trained to carry out special operations.
2. Special Forces A branch of the US Army composed of soldiers trained in special operations.

special forces

pl n
(Military) elite, highly trained military forces, specially selected to work on difficult missions

Spe′cial Forc′es

U.S. Army personnel trained to instruct non-U.S. forces in guerrilla warfare.

special forces

US Army forces organized, trained, and equipped to conduct special operations with an emphasis on unconventional warfare capabilities. Also called SF.
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Noun1.Special Forces - a division of the United States Army that is specially trained for guerilla fightingSpecial Forces - a division of the United States Army that is specially trained for guerilla fighting
division - an army unit large enough to sustain combat; "two infantry divisions were held in reserve"
U. S. Army, United States Army, US Army, USA, Army - the army of the United States of America; the agency that organizes and trains soldiers for land warfare
Green Beret - a soldier who is a member of the United States Army Special Forces
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He said that the investigation was entrusted to the National Anti-terrorist Unit stemming from the National Guard of el Aouina.
4 million for the show that featured Anti-Terrorist Unit Kapoor foiling a murder attempt on the future prime minister.
Following the drill in Quweira, the army drove journalists about 50 kilometres (31 miles) to Aqaba's anti-terrorist unit.
Officers from the Metropolitan Police's anti-terrorist unit have been searching homes in South Shields as part of their investigation into the attack on Lieutenant General Kuldeep Singh Brar, on Sunday.
He was the Deputy Director of the UK Defence Crisis Management Centre during Gulf War 1 and was awarded an OBE for operational leadership of an anti-terrorist unit.
Just about the only one of these super-TV series I've ever got into was Kiefer Sutherland's high-octane action drama 24, which follows an anti-terrorist unit battle with baddies and being double, tripe and quadruple-crossed by friends and enemies alike in a "real time" day.
Three Polish police commandos will lose their posts in an elite anti-terrorist unit for serving as bodyguards for the controversial celebrity during a recent visit to Poland.
The country's prestigious anti-terrorist unit, who usually conceal their identities and have to ask permission to take on a job outside the force, are reportedly being sacked for agreeing to work for Hilton.
Summary: Mauritanian soldiers patrolled the town of Bassiknou Wednesday after Al-Qaeda-linked extremists attacked a nearby army base which houses an anti-terrorist unit, a military source said.
The Anti-Terrorist unit, supported by the UAE Air Forces and Air Defence units, and in coordination with the U.
He said that the authority planned to work alongside Yemen's anti-terrorist unit and other security units to host seminars and educational campaigns to inform citizens about drugs.
Indonesia's Detachment 88 anti-terrorist unit, established after the 2002 Bali bombings, is funded, equipped and trained by the US and Australia, and has scored impressive successes.