n.1.A westerly wind which blows nearly continuously between 30° and 50° of latitude in both the northern and the southern hemisphere.
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I can't say much about the crap and lies which were printed about me on Sunday by the anti-socialist, anti-trade union and anti-truth comic that describes itself as a newspaper.
Or the same champion who snatched millions from Liverpool between 79 and 83, and who is ecstatic about the UK being blessed with the most draconian anti-trade union laws in Europe.
I am sick to death of his xenophobic, anti-trade union, anti-anything that isn't to do with farming.
Not only have they retained all the Thatcher anti-trade union laws, they have treated public sector workers with contempt.
He said he wants to refocus the T&G on the individual rather than what some perceive as "conference culture", and he added: "I want to repeal anti-trade union laws that would allow workers to support other workers in struggle.
Britain already has the most repressive anti-trade union laws in Europe, a situation Labour are only too happy to exploit, and Cable''s warning has sinister undertones for everyone in this country, namely that if we don't acquiesce in the dismantling of society then the law will be used to make sure we do.
The RMT supports public ownership, wealth re-distribution and the repeal of Thatcher's anti-trade union laws.
This "Business-friendly" government, hell-bent on farming-out the NHS to profit-hungry private firms and cherishing the Tory anti-trade union laws as its very own, qualifies exactly for that verse of The Red Flag which says: "It suits today the weak and base, whose minds are fixed on self and place; To cringe before the rich man's frown, and haul the sacred emblem down.
Ian Lowes, GMB union representative, said Mr Smith was "totally anti-trade union".
They're calling for the repeal of Britain's draconian anti-trade union laws.
Big business wants anti-trade union laws, big business gets anti-trade union laws.
Ithink the old system wards was far better maintained, using less but morequalified personallysupervised he section You'll Never Walk Alone when they fought a ruthless employer backed by Thatcher's anti-trade union laws is very poignant.