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Tenders invited for Topical anticeptic solution / enzymatic detergent
Smells slightly "anticeptic" which I found a little off-putting and you have to leave it on for 20 minutes - who has 20 minutes to spare on hair pampering these days?
Tenders are invited for Supply of surgical & non surgical items-Discardit syrings (2ml-3 discardit syrings (5ml),insulin syrings (1ml) (31g) 0.25mm x 8 mm,dettol anticeptic liquid(500ml),reagent strips for urinanalysis diastix (50 strips each),hypo allergic meditape (12mmx9m),non sterile rubber examination gloves (medium size,non sterile rubber examination gloves (large size no.,gauze sterilized swab (made of absorben gauze) (5cmx5cm),tincture benzoine (400ml),cottan gauze roll bandage (5 cm x 3 mtrs),tissue paper (l 20cm x w 19 cm),empty plastic bottles (100ml)