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I wish, Mr Square, you would desist from filling the minds of my pupils with such antichristian stuff; for the consequence must be, while they are under my care, its being well scourged out of them again.
Among their topics are a revived God in The Antichrist: Nietzsche and the sacralization of natural life, Nietzsche's antichristian ethics: Renaissance vert<`u and the project of reevaluation, Nietzsche's quest for the historical Jesus, Nietzsche and the critique of religion, resurgent nobility and the problem of false consciousness, and reading Dostoevsky in Turin: the Antichrist's accelerationism.
(17) Without critical evaluation of capitalism, communism was held as dictatorial, immoral, inhumane, violent, and antiChristian. Thus, North Korea is an "evil empire" that should be destroyed.
Like the Baptists, Williams' ideas were problematic, Featley insisted, because of his (and their) belief "that it is the will and command of God, that since the coming of his Son the Lord Jesus, a permission of the most Paganish, Jewish, Turkish, or Antichristian Consciences and worships be granted to all men in all Nations and Countries; That Civil States with their Officers of justice are not Governors or defenders of the Spiritual and Christian state and worship; That the doctrine of Persecution in case of Conscience (maintained by Calvin, Beza, Cotton, and the Ministers of the New English Churches) is guilty of all the blood of the souls crying for vengeance under the Altar." (25)
(164) The law of East Florida "is an antichristian law, and one
Unquestionably, in modern civilization there are unchristian and even antichristian tendencies, but these are accidental, and may be separated from it, and would soon disappear were churchmen to accept it, and instead of warring against it, to labor to supply its defects, and restore to it the equilibrium it now lacks.
Christian and Antichristian miracles often mirror one another perfectly.
Antichrist employs it the first two times ironically in an attempt to convert the four kings to his own Antichristian faith.
(5) On multiple occasions, the Disciplinarians pressed the English Parliament to pass legislation outlawing the episcopacy and the Lords Spiritual on the grounds that scripture authorized only four enduring offices in the Church: the elders to govern, the scholars to teach, the priests to administer sacraments, and the deacons to minister to the poor; (6) and that, as a consequence, bishops, lords spiritual, or any other type of ecclesiastical magistracy was an Antichristian vestige of papistry (7) that defied Christ's division of Caesars kingdom and His own.
It has previously been reported that in December 2013 Mr Khan, Oldknow Academy's former Arabic teacher, led pupils in antiChristian chanting during an assembly.