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Noun1.Antido - an artificial language related to Ido
artificial language - a language that is deliberately created for a specific purpose
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Batangas City Mayor Beverley Rose Dimacuha took her oath of office administered by Chairwoman Ana Antido of Barangay Mabacong and witnessed by her husband Congressman Marvey Marino.
Edgardo Antido, a 59-year-old butcher from Fort Washington, told Maryland lottery officials on Friday that he keeps track of drawings held in the Philippines, as he is an avid lottery player.
New collectors may take interest in exquisite works by Valerie Chua, Angelito Antonio, Lynard Paras, Alee Garibay, John Marin, Roy Rosatase, Mark Valenzuela, Nikulas Lebajo, Dale Erispe, John Paul Antido, Angel Cacnio, Zean Cabangis, Ibarra de la Rosa, all offered at affordable starting bids of P 30,000 or less.
Deloria's live-in-partner Esmeralda Antido, who witnessed the shooting, told police that the hitmen headed toward Everlasting Street in Payatas, but she wasn't able to note the license plate of the red motorcycle the killers used.