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Noun1.anti-dumping duty - a tariff imposed to prevent dumpinganti-dumping duty - a tariff imposed to prevent dumping
protective tariff - a tariff imposed to protect domestic firms from import competition
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The ITC will commence a preliminary investigation, which if upheld will proceed to the Department of Commerce, which will investigate and determine the antidumping duty rates of these imports.
He said major local manufacturers only draw texturised yarn which is texturized (semi dull) and they don't manufacture polyester fully drawn yarn but the antidumping duty is also imposed on the FDY which is not locally manufactured and as per the antidumping law it cannot be imposed on the product that is not locally manufactured.
Both companies were conditionally revoked from an antidumping duty order after receiving zero or de minimis dumping margins for three consecutive administrative review periods.
(11) If the administrative agencies tasked with investigating dumping deem that dumping has taken place, they assess an antidumping duty to offset the difference between the product's "normal value" and the "less than its fair value." (12) The antidumping duty is levied after making "adjustments for differences in the merchandise, quantities purchased, and circumstances of the sale." (13)
The proposal from the Commission to impose the 9.6 percent antidumping duty caught U.S.
The antidumping duty on POY imported from China was earlier imposed in August 2007 for a period of five years.
The domestic industry's efforts to prevent dumping (or selling below fair market value) of imported processed mushrooms began in December 1998 when Commerce published the first antidumping duty order on mushrooms from Chile.
As you may know, while major European member countries the protested continuation of antidumping duty, the European Commission is currently conducting an expiry review which is expected to conclude in the coming days.
So they changed the calculation for for shrimp imports from Brazil, China, Ecuador, India, Thailand and Vietnam, and raised the required bond to 100% or more of the expected antidumping duty amounts.
The countervailing duty rates and antidumping duty rates vary by manufacturer.
As reported in the Federal Register late last week, the department determined that, "had the antidumping duty order not been revoked in the 2002 Sunset Review, revocation of the antidumping duty order on LNPP from Japan would have likely led to continuation or recurrence of dumping."
International Trade Commission (ITC) in May revoked an antidumping duty order on brake rotors from China.