(ˌæntɪˈfɒɡ) or


acting to prevent the condensation of moisture, esp on transparent surfaces


(ˌæn tiˈfɒg, -ˈfɔg, ˌæn taɪ-)

preventing or resisting the buildup of moisture on a surface: an antifog fluid for camera lenses.
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Tenders are invited for Supply of 120kn and 160kn antifog disc insulators
Octal's extensive product range includes PET barrier and non-barrier laminated sheet, antifog sheet, print grade sheet, coloured PET sheet, and impact resistant, among other grades.
Octal's extensive product range includes PET Barrier and Non-Barrier Laminated Sheet, Antifog Sheet, Print Grade Sheet, Colored PET Sheet, and Impact Resistant, among other grades that have successfully filled critical market and performance needs for thermoformers, food processors and brand owners, alike.
Available in 21, 25 and 40micron thickness, KPeel 3G is debuting hot on the heels of the company's launch of KM Klarity, another flagship product offering game-changing antifog performance.
A range of unusual high-performance antifog additives and masterbatches for food packaging and agricultural films are in development at Akzo Nobel.
The Genesis features lens options, including clear, amber and vermilion lenses, antifog lens coating, an adjustable fit frame and soft brow bar material.
uvex are the only eyewear manufacturer in the world to have permanent antifog lens coatings that do not wash off, thus prolonging the life of the product and reducing the need to remove them when most other specs will have fogged up.
At MGM Grand's Skylofts, for instance, guests are picked up from the airport in a Maybach 62, remote controls operate everything in the room from music to drapes, and antifog TVs are in the bathroom mirrors.
New antifog masterbatches from VIBA Laboratories in Italy are intended for use in polyethylene films for food packaging, to prevent the aesthetics of the packaging being spoilt by condensation inside, and also to avoid spoilage of the food from moisture in the pack.
Also setting tails wagging is the antifog, shatterproof, plastic Doggies eyewear model featuring adjustable head straps for a perfect fit.
Each shield is treated with an antifog, anti-glare coating to help prevent visual distortion.
The BOSS 6000 may be worn under the helmet and features an aircraft alloy frame and impact-resistant, antifog polycarbonate lenses that are available in three colors.