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(ˌæntɪˈfɒɡ) or


acting to prevent the condensation of moisture, esp on transparent surfaces
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(ˌæn tiˈfɒg, -ˈfɔg, ˌæn taɪ-)

preventing or resisting the buildup of moisture on a surface: an antifog fluid for camera lenses.
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Ultrafine TiO2 is used in sunscreens due to its ability to block UV radiation while remaining transparent on the skin, and its photocatalytic sterilizing properties also make it useful as an additive in construction materials, for example in antifogging coatings and self-cleaning windows.
Omya's North America division will provide technical service and support to new and existing customers across the US for Emery's Green Polymer Additives products which include lubricants, release agents, antistatic and antifogging agents, and specialty plasticizers.
It is used for antifogging and self-cleaning coatings on glass, for building facades, in confectionary, and in the plastics industry.
Metal oxides in surface coatings are widely applied in antireflection, self-cleaning [1-3], and antifogging [4-7] of superhydrophilic glass.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Researchers have turned to cicada wings to design surfaces with highly antireflective properties, which have potential applications for solar cells, stealth surfaces, antifogging materials, and other optical applications.
-- Sven Can See offers eyeglass wearers an antifogging spray that discourages moisture from sticking to the lens and obscuring the wearer's vision.
Part of an extensive range, these materials are used as antistats, lubricants, acid/catalyst neutralizers, dispersants, mold release agents, processing aids and antifogging agents.
Uniform silver nanoparticles coating using dual regime spray deposition system for superhydrophilic and antifogging applications--Maxym Rukosuyev, Ahmad Esmaeilirad, Syed A.
The acquisition adds a broad range of additive solutions with different functionalities, such as antifogging, improved processing, flame retardancy, heat stabilization and UV stabilization to BYK's portfolio.
A proper control and modification of the surface property particularly, hydrophilicity and wettability of surfaces of polymers are the subject of specific interest because of its various advantages for several applications such as printability, dyeability, adhesion, absorbency, sorbents, antifogging coatings, and drug delivery systems [3], The low hydrophilicity of most polymers restricts their applications in commodity, engineering and biomedical fields [4].
These surfaces have received continued attention for their broad applications, such as self-cleaning, antifogging and frosting, and drag reduction.
With easily scalable and manufacturable formulations, the technology delivers a mechanically robust nanostructured glass coating that combines multiple salient and unique performance enhancements--broadband and onidirectional transparency, graded-index antireflectivity, self-cleaning, antifogging and UV radiation blocking--that no other technology can provide.