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The most abundant taxa, especially on reef habitat, were the chain dogfish (Scyliorhinus retifer), a scorpionfish (Scorpaena sp.), the yellowfin bass (Anthias nicholsi), the red barbier (Baldwinella vivanus), the black sea bass (Centropristis striata), unidentified anthiine serranids, and the deepbody boarfish (Antigonia capros).
Antigone possibly died in childbirth and Pyrrhus honoured her by founding a colony in her name called Antigonia.
The first of these, Nicator, synoecized ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.]) by transferring settlers from nearby Antigonia. See also 16.2.5: In Antiocheia, Nicator also synoecized ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.]) the descendants of Triptolemos.