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Noun1.Antigonus - a general of Alexander the Great and king of Macedonia; lost one eye; killed in a battle at Ipsus (382-301 BC)
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The plaintiff claims that he and his family had been forced to abandon the property on Antigonos Street because their lives were in danger.
You may also contact my supervisor as follows: Dr Antignos Sochos, senior lecturer in Psychology, Department of Psychology, University of Bedfordshire, email: Antigonos.sochos@; tel: 004412344004000 ext: 2037.
According to Vincent Smith, after the death of Alexander, two of his generals emerged as competitors for supreme power in Asia, Antigonos and Seleukos Nikator.
I say this because Antigonos of Carystus tells the following anecdote in his writings On Zeno: Persaeus once purchased a little piper [[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]] at a drinking party [[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]], but he hesitated to take her home because he lived in the same house as Zeno.
The topics include Macedonians and other Greeks, the Kingdom of Macedonia and the Chalcidic League, coinage and finance, the ancient city of Aegae, the 360s, Philip and Alexander's Macedon, Philippi, traditional cults and beliefs, Macedonia in Thrace, the reigns of Antigonos Gonatas and Demetrios II, Thessalonike, art in the Roman period 168 BC-337 AD, and early Christianity in Macedonia.
Zadok, "Antigonos Monophthalmos in Documents from Idumaea," NABU 1997/54, and W.
The conflict between the generals of Alexander the Great finished in 301 BC after the battle of Ipsos after the death of Antigonos, the last exponent of the Imperial Monarchy (5).
The inscription is the second letter by Demetrios II, son of Antigonos Gonatas, to Harpalos, an epistates.
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