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Noun1.Antigonus - a general of Alexander the Great and king of Macedonia; lost one eye; killed in a battle at Ipsus (382-301 BC)
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Therefore one of these Thou must make sure thy own: the Parthian first, By my advice, as nearer, and of late Found able by invasion to annoy Thy country, and captive lead away her kings, Antigonus and old Hyrcanus, bound, Maugre the Roman.
19, 21: The Babylonian Kinglist (BM 35603) does not date to Antigonus as "Strategos and Satrap," but only as strategos (of Asia, not Babylonia).
The English topics are translating Babylonian mathematical problem texts, translating Babylonian astronomical diaries and procedure texts, challenges of interpreting Egyptian astronomical texts, a case-study in Roman mathematics: the description of the analemma in Vitrius' <De architectura/> book IX, and translating Greek astronomy texts: the horoscope of Hadrian by Antigonus of Nicaea.
Antigonus was not alone, then, in saying that he loved men who offered to betray, but hated those who had betrayed ...
pursued by a bear: Antigonus in The Winter's Tale You never actually see Antigonus' supposedly grisly (excuse the pun) death in what is perhaps Shakespeare's most famous stage direction.
Admittedly, sometime in the period of Antigonus' suzerainty (306-301 BC) Cleanthes went to Athens and was at some point brought before the court of the Areopagites.
(12) Rather than the recovery from the doubt Leontes feels about Hermione, which all too quickly turns into his certainty that she has been unfaithful, I will argue that the point of entry into uncertainty as a skeptical problem in The Winter's Tale is Antigonus's dream in 3.3.
Leontes then orders Paulina's husband, Antigonus (Robert Fetterman), to abandon the baby, which he does, in a basket along the coast of Europa, leaving her with a bundle of gold and trinkets, hoping that whoever finds her will think she's of noble birth.