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"Why, you know, Sir Thomas's means will be rather straitened if the Antigua estate is to make such poor returns."
Sir Thomas found it expedient to go to Antigua himself, for the better arrangement of his affairs, and he took his eldest son with him, in the hope of detaching him from some bad connexions at home.
'It really behoves the governments of the Caribbean and Antigua has taken the lead on it that we want to ensure that there is greater resiliency in the local banking sector and that the local banks are really going to be the salvation of our future.
Recently, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) had offered to provide an air ambulance and a team of medical experts to bring back Choksi, who claims to suffer from a heart ailment, from Antigua and provide him with all necessary treatment in India.
GPH Antigua is a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Ports, which was recently awarded the 30-year concession for the cruise port facilities in Antigua & Barbuda, including St John's Port and Falmouth Harbour, both on the island of Antigua.
Brian Cu, Grab Philippines executive, assured assistance for the family of Antigua and vowed to help seek justice over their driver-partner's death.
A source said, "As soon as MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) received information of the likely presence of Mehul Choksi in Antigua, our High Commission in Georgetown had alerted the A&B (Antigua and Barbuda) government, in writing and verbally, to confirm his presence in their territory and detain him and prevent his movement by land, air or sea." Last week, Choksi reportedly claimed he had taken Antigua citizenship last year to expand his business as the passport of the Caribbean nation provides visa-free travel to 132 countries.
New Delhi: India requested authorities in Antigua and Barbuda to detain Punjab National Bank scam fugitive Mehul Choksi after it received information about his presence in the Caribbean island, government sources said on Monday.
Shell companies are not permitted in Antigua and Barbuda.
The 100,000th US visitor to the twin-island nation of Antigua and Barbuda for 2016, arriving on American Airlines flight 978 from New York-JFK to V.C.