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(Placename) a mountain range running north and south between Syria and Lebanon, east of the Lebanon Mountains. Highest peak: Mount Hermon, 2814 m (9232 ft)


(ˌæn tiˈlɛb ə nən)

a mountain range in SW Asia, between Syria and Lebanon, E of the Lebanon Mountains.
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426), which would be unique among all NA dialects east of the Antilebanon.
The oldest and most fundamental classification of MA distinguishes between two groups: Modern West Aramaic (MWA), spoken in the three villages of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (today officially Sarxa), and [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (MWA [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) in the Qalamun valley of the Antilebanon mountains, north of Damascus; and Eastern MA, comprising all the other dialects of Syria, Turkey, Iraq, and Iran.