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A Seleucid dynasty ruling in Syria (280-64 bc). Its most important member was Antiochus III, known as "the Great" (242-187, ruled 223-187), who conquered much of Asia Minor but was defeated by the Romans in 190.


(ænˈtaɪ ə kəs)
1. Antiochus III, ( “the Great” ) 241?–187 B.C., king of Syria 223–187.
2. Antiochus IV, (Antiochus Epiphanes) died 164? B.C., king of Syria 175–164?.
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By 187, Antiochus the Great, now campaigning against breakaway eastern provinces, died.
Ironically, the terms of the treaty imposed by Rome would likely have stabilized the Seleucid Empire had Antiochus the Great lived.
Cuder limits herself to a few comments on Wiseman's Antiochus the Great (1701), although she considers it an astonishing achievement for someone who has written no further works, and she addresses Finch's tragicomedy The Triumphs of Love and Innocence (c.