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However, the author of the poem was not some 'Antiparos' but rather Antipatros of Thessalonica, originally identified correctly as such by Christian Graf zu Stolberg (Stolberg 1782, p.
"Ancora sulla stele funeraria di Antipatros di Ascalona: Una messa a punto," NumAntCl 1992, pp.
Antipatros and Euphronios in their commentaries say that Lasos first set up the circular choruses ...
Son of the Eurypontid king Archidamus III, became king on his father's death (338); hoping to take advantage of Alexander's absence in Asia, he planned a revolt against Macedonian rule in Greece; aided by Persian money and ships, he assembled an army of 8,000 men, largely Greek mercenaries lately in Persian service (333), and won several battles in Crete and the Peleponnesus against pro-Macedonian forces (333-332); gained the support of Elis, Achaea, and Arcadia (provinces of the Peloponnese), except for the cities of Pellene and Megalopolis; besieged Megalopolis, but his outnumbered army was destroyed by the army of Macedonian regent Antipater (Antipatros), and he was killed in battle (331).