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The scribe of the Sarum antiphoner, Worcester Cathedral Library MS FI60, uses a similar, though not identical, ampersand.
4.14), nor in the corresponding initial for Beatus vir in the Ranworth Antiphoner (URL not accessible, September 2014).
Of special interest here are the extended discussions of two works with considerable plainchant notation, the Bangor Pontifical and the Penpont Antiphoner. Part 3 demonstrates the very considerable influence of England in Welsh music culture--the popularity of English tunes, the increasing references to viols and virginals, even the introduction of some English verse conventions in the Welsh metrical psalter.
In it, he specifically mentions Beauvais at the end of his tirade: "take the Rheims antiphoner and compare it with that of Beauvais or Amiens, or the antiphoner of Soissons, more or less next door: if you find a similarity, say Thanks be to God!" (see F.
Dr Harper's journey began at Aberystwyth's National Library of Wales where she was granted access to the remarkable early 14th century manuscript - called the Penpont Antiphoner - which contained the Office of Saint David.
He then posits that it is possible to extract with near precision the eighth-century Roman Mass antiphoner from late Roman graduals (133).
Levy reprints and translates a letter written by Louis's archchaplain Helisachar to describe his work editing an antiphoner. While attending the palace chapel at Aachen, Helisachar and a friend, Bishop Nebridius of Narbonne, were disturbed by errors they heard in the chanting of the night office.
(See illus.3: notice the section of the roll that falls down to the floor.) The much later Ranworth antiphoner indisputably shows mensural notation (illus.4); this could almost be transcribed and may prove to be from a surviving composition.
The Boston College Libraries present the Seamus Connolly Collection of Irish Music and the Burns Antiphoner, open access projects licensed under a CC-BY-NC license.
Peter from ninth-century Rome and Francia to thirteenth-century Peterborough where they appeared in an antiphoner at the Benedictine abbey there.
(6.) Besides the saints' lives, the manuscript also contains varied items that include pages from a medieval antiphoner, pasted-in pages from a late-sixteenth-century writing master's book, and some eighteenth-century notes.