diametrical opposition

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Noun1.diametrical opposition - the relation of opposition along a diameter
opposition - a direction opposite to another
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This study concentrated on the random and algebraic orthogonal [4] USTM constellation having the feature of antipodal point on Grassmannian manifold and their simplified maximum likelihood (ML) detecting algorithm.
The tetrachoric connection value for different types of earth crust for the whole Earth made -0.09 as a whole; the same connection value calculated only for the cases when at least one antipodal point belongs to the continental crust is equal to -0.59.
Let F' state for the antipodal point of the corresponding focal point F.
Drawing a line from one antipodal point to its opposite results in a connection passing through the center of the circle, thus forming a perfect diameter.
where [A.sup.*] is the antipodal point of A, therefore, .sub.[phi][C.sub.[theta]] is essentially the same as .sub.[pi]-[phi][C.sub.[pi]-[theta]].
Answer: The antipodal point of Eugene is about 700 miles south and slightly east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, says Jim Meacham, a senior research associate in the University of Oregon's geography department.
Then the group G = O(p + 1, q + 1) acts as conformal diffeomorphisms on [S.sup.p] x [S.sup.q], and also on its quotient space X = ([S.sup.p] x [S.sup.q])/[Z.sub.2] by identifying the direct product of antipodal points. By the general theory of conformal groups, one has a natural family of representations [[??].sub.[lambda]] on [C.sup.[infinity]](X) with parameter [lambda] [member of] C [12, Sect.