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Temporal variation in danger drives antipredator behavior: the predation risk allocation hypothesis.
An unexpected result of the escalating exposes in show biz is the expansion of the antipredator reforms to include nonentertainment spheres, which have their own power-tripping 'inducers and seducers' to expose and defang.
1996: Predator foraging capabilities and prey antipredator behaviours: pre- versus postcapture constraints on size-dependent predator-prey interactions.
Similar reduction of antipredator defenses were documented among fox squirrels (Sciurus niger) living in urbanized areas (McCleery, 1990).
Differential influence of two acanthocephalan parasites on the antipredator behaviour of their common intermediate host.
The effects of wind turbines on antipredator behavior in California ground squirrels (Spermophilus beecheyi).
Antipredator defense of biological control agent Oxyops vitiosa is mediated by plant volatiles sequestered from the host plant Melaleuca quinquenervia.
Antipredator strategies are discussed, such as caribou living in herds to reduce predation risk to individuals, or moose spacing out to minimize the rate of encounters with wolves.
Among other topics we suggest studying (1) antipredator behaviors or response to predatory events (e.
Abstract--To clarify the ontogenetic changes in antipredator behavior of juvenile white rockfish (Sebastes cheni), effects of light intensity (0.
So the antipredator idea is a strong hypothesis among several in the ongoing puzzle of the clam's flashing, said Dougherty.